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Benefits Of Online

Fitness Training

A convenient way to improve your fitness  Online training with offline results

Online Fitness Training is a more affordable  and convenient way of  getting  fit and Healthy. It’s Cheaper than hiring a Personal Trainer and there’s no lengthy contracts or gym fees. You can fit Online fitness training into your busy lifestyle by choosing when and where to train making it  a very flexible and convenient way of training. There’s also no worry of  crowded gyms and not being able to use equipment when you want. Your personal Online fitness program will be designed around your goals and what equipment you may or may not have available. Once your program is complete you can then begin your training sessions when you like - Even in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

If your on my website and reading this you must already have access to a PC and have an Internet connection so your pretty much good to go. A webcam and microphone will allow us to see and hear each other if  you opt for 1 2 1 training sessions using Skype Software. (Optional)

PC  with Internet connection , webcam and mic

Skype is the software to allow me the trainer and you the client to communicate via webcam and microphone. It’s free to download and simple to install. Once installed, create an account and your good to go once we exchange Skype contact details.

Free Skype Software and Account (optional)

An email address and contact number will allow us to communicate during you fitness program. I am then able to easily send any documents, track your progress, make adaptations as needed or answer any questions you have regards your training program.

Email address and phone number

If you would prefer a Trainer there to motivate and guide you through your training sessions then why not book a One to One Personal Training session via Webcam and Skype. We can train from the comfort of your home as long as you have a PC ,Webcam and Skype Software installed . The Flexible and Convenient way to have One to One Sessions in your home.


Need more motivation?

Try a  One to One Personal Training Session via Webcam  and Skype

One to One Personal Training sessions

Online Fitness in your Home

Getting Started with Online Fitness Training