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Free weights can be picked up relatively cheap or you can use household items such as a bag of sugar if need be! Free weights will help to build strength, muscle mass and tone the body.

Examples of Exercise Types and Equipment that can be used for Online Personal Fitness Training.

Free Weights

These can be found for a reasonable price on the World Wide Web. They work similarly to free weights but are also great for rehabilitation and injury recovery exercises.

Resistance bands

Gym or Physio balls are again reasonably priced and can be used like a workout bench to perform exercises but by being ball shaped they add the challenge of balance and stability which is great for activating your abdominal and core muscles.

Gym/Physio ball

Improve your general fitness by combining cardiovascular, and resistance based exercises  which will help to loose weight, increase muscle tone and Improve your overall fitness levels.

General Fitness

Online Fitness Services

With a wealth of experience in the fitness industry Alive Fitness  Online Training  offers a wide range of  fitness routines and services to help you reach your  personal fitness goals.

Loose weight by getting up to date nutrition advice and an exercise plan that will help you to burn calories, loose fat and ultimately reach your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss and Nutrition Advice

Cardiovascular exercise can help to decrease body fat and cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, increase heart function and help to increase your aerobic work capacity.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Resistance exercise will increase your strength and muscle tone, increase muscle mass and bone density and  help strengthen ligaments and tendons around your joints.

Resistance Workouts

I am fully qualified to safely train Pre and Post Natal Clients, so don’t let your bump get in the way of keeping fit. Your perfectly fine to exercise during and after pregnancy as long as you follow some safe guidelines.

Pregnancy - Pre and Post Natal

Training for a Marathon or wanting to fit into your wedding dress for your special day? I can design a program then help and guide you toward your  specific goals.

Sport Specific and Special Events

Recovering from an injury or operation and wanting to get back into fitness? I can  help to prescribe a safe exercise program that will help you to build muscular strength and flexibility which will help you along the road to recovery.

Recovering from Injury

I have experience training older adults and clients with co-morbidities such as high BP, Arthritis and joint problems.Your still fine to exercise by following safe guidelines and with the consent of your General Practitioner.

Older Adults

By starting an exercise program that combines balance and proprioception training along side strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility around your joints. You will help to improve coordination, balance and decrease risk of falls.

Balance Training

Flexibility will help you reduce risk of injury during exercise, improve posture, relieve stress and tension and help you perform your daily tasks with more ease.


Gym mats make will make you more comfortable when performing exercise on your hands and knees or when laying down. They can help you to feel more relaxed especially During stretching and Flexibility work.

Mat Work - Stretching/Flexibility

Bodyweight exercises require no equipment and as the name states you are using your own body weight to add resistance to your exercises. Again great for muscle strength, size and toning of the body.

Bodyweight Exercises

If you do have more advanced gym equipment at home or want an exercise program you take away and use at your local gym then that just let me know and I can incorporate those exercise type into your personal exercise plan.

Machine Exercises