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Alive Fitness Prices

1. Monthly Exercise Program Design Only.

This option is for a One off  Exercise Program design only and is for those of you who have a basic knowledge of  fitness and would like an exercise program designed for your ability and around your fitness goals. After a quick chat on the phone or email contact I will design an exercise program for you to get on with at home, work or venue of your choice. You may stick to this program for as long as you choose but I would recommend changing your plan at around 4 to 6 weeks to avoid any plateaus. You can then pay as you  go at your leisure and contact me again when you feel you would like your program adjusted or changed completely if need be. Your Personal Program Design will consist of Exercise Diagrams and description along with the number of sets and repetitions of each exercise you will need to perform.  I will also be available via email if you have any questions regards your exercise plan for the month paid for.

I will aim to design, complete and send your exercise documents within 48hrs via email.

2. One to One Online Personal Training Session over Skype or Personal Workout Video- One Hour

If you have Skype and and Internet connection you will be able to take part in a 1 21 exercise session in the comfort of your own home or other location of your choice via webcam. Sessions will be planned around any equipment you have available and sessions will last 1 hour. The one hour session will consist of a short warm up, followed by the main session and  then a stretch and cool down at then end. Also during the session I will be available to answer questions you have regards your exercise session.

 If unable to fit in a 121 session I will record your own personal workout video which you can watch at your leisure.

3. Monthly Exercise Plan, Nutrition Advice, 4 one hour Skype Sessions(once weekly)

This Monthly Package includes your personal exercise plan plus 4 Skype Personal Training Sessions which would be taken once a week to get the best benefits. Also during Our sessions I will be available to answer any further questions about your exercise plan or Nutrition advice. Once your monthly plan is complete we can discuss any further goals and decide what the best route is for you to take next to reach those new goals.

Option 1

£20 PayPal: Buy Monthly Exercise Program PayPal: Buy 1 x Skype Training Session PayPal: Buy 4 x Skype Training Sessions and  Exercise Plan

Option 2


Option 3